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All over printing is a type of sublimation printing process that applies a design to a finished garment. 

Picture a tee shirt that is laid flat and then has an extra large poster laid directly on top.

The best results occur with a high polyester count, with 100% producing the most vivid colours. 

Blended fabrics such as 50% cotton 50% polyester will loose become duller as the ink is impregnated best into polyester. 

Cotton is by nature inherently softer, so a polyester cotton blend can be more comfortable, plus offer some faded looks that can be more desirable for vintage look reproductions. 

All over printing designs are commonly seen in fashion with tees, hoodies and dresses.

Please keep in mind some production marks or “press folds” at the seam joins and sewing points, such as under the arms will not completely transfer.

Templates are designed to the size of the media or blank garment being sublimated and assist greatly with layout or positioning.

At Coast 2 Coast we have a 1.7m x 1.1m heat press that is able to cover the surface area of most garments, sublimated towels, sublimated metal, sublimated MDF, sublimated canvas, sublimated pillow cases and fabric needs.

The process is completed as the heat press transfer or sublimates the ink into the fibres of the material.

We can offer blank ready garments, or if you provide samples, we can test your garments. Or we can manufacture blanks for your apparel line and print when you receive orders.

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